Miss Cafeína y Panic Relief cierran Estival Cuenca este sábado

Miss Cafeína y Panic Relief cierran Estival Cuenca este sábado

CUENCA, 22 Sep.

Estival Cuenca 23, the annual music festival in Cuenca, is concluding its twelfth edition this Saturday, September 23, 2023. The Cuenca Auditorium will host a postponed concert at 8:00 pm, which was originally scheduled for July 3 but had to be postponed due to a storm that affected the festival. Miss Caffeina and Panic Relief will take the stage, delivering a night of pop music in its broadest sense.

Miss Caffeina, the Madrid-Castilian Manchego ensemble, has just announced that they will take an indefinite break from their ongoing tour, which started in 2019, after performing several shows in Cuenca, Valencia, Málaga, Madrid, Alicante, and Barcelona. Therefore, this will be one of the last opportunities to enjoy the band's meticulous and intense live performances, as reported by Estival Cuenca.

Following the release of their highly anticipated album 'El Año del Tigre', which reached the top of the charts in its release week, the Madrid-Castilian Manchego band consisting of Alberto Jiménez (vocals), Sergio Sastre (keyboards, guitar, and synthesizer), and Antonio Poza (bass guitar) will make their Estival Cuenca debut. They will present their band anthems in an electroacoustic format, along with their latest hits, which are performed live with the same energy as their greatest hits.

The show is characterized by its dynamic, captivating, and solid stage presence, enhanced by Asian iconography, chameleonic resources, and the rhythms of their songs. The band's classic anthems will, of course, be performed, along with songs such as 'Por si', 'Me voy', and 'Punto Muerto' from their latest album, which have been receiving a fabulous response from their fans.

As for Panic Relief, they are a young progressive pop rock band from Cuenca formed in 2017. The band members include Luis Ignacio García (vocalist and guitarist), Jorge Carretero (guitarist), Laura María Palacios (bassist and double bassist), Manuel Uríos (keyboardist), and Javier Corroto (drummer). In 2019, they released their first EP 'Of All Beginnings', which propelled them into the local music scene with a deep, captivating, and elegant proposal.

More recently, in October 2022, they unveiled their LP 'Seas Beneath the Sore' with nine new tracks. This mature, meticulously crafted, powerful, and solid work has defined their identity as a band.

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