Mujer que ingresó a la fuerza en vivienda de exmarido y lo apuñaló admite culpa

Mujer que ingresó a la fuerza en vivienda de exmarido y lo apuñaló admite culpa

TOLEDO, 21 Nov. – N.G.E., the accused of murdering her ex-husband – J.R.M. – after entering his home in Seseña Viejo and stabbing him while he was with his partner, has admitted to the events that took place on November 26, 2020.

She stated this during her testimony on the first day of the trial, which is being held with a popular jury until next Friday in the Provincial Court of Toledo.

When questioned by the representative of the Public Prosecutor's Office, the defendant admitted that at the time the incident occurred, she was divorced from the victim, with whom she had two daughters, and that he lived in a property owned by her.

The accused acknowledged that on the morning of November 26, she spoke to the deceased on the phone to reprimand him for not taking the daughters to school as he should have, as it was their driver who did the task.

For that reason, with the keys to the property in her possession, N.G.E. went to the home where the victim lived and entered his bedroom, where she caught him with his current partner – D.A.P.C – and began assaulting them.

Similarly, she admitted that her ex-husband managed to push her out of the room and locked the door with the bolt, but she struck it forcibly until she managed to open it again.

Then, after going down to the kitchen to grab two knives, she re-entered the room and stabbed her ex-husband and father of her two daughters multiple times.

In addition, N.G.E., in response to questions from the private prosecution, admitted that when she went back up to the room, she said she was going to kill him.

The defendant faces a prison sentence of 23 years for a crime of premeditated murder, according to the prosecutor's charges. On the other hand, the private prosecution is requesting 20 years in prison for murder, and an additional year for breaking and entering.

However, her defense argues that their client committed a crime of assault, for which they propose a three-year prison sentence, or alternatively, a charge of manslaughter, punishable by four years, as she never intended to end her ex-husband's life.



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