Cerveza LA SAGRA triunfa en el mercado de Toledo con un aumento en las ventas del 38%

Cerveza LA SAGRA triunfa en el mercado de Toledo con un aumento en las ventas del 38%

TOLEDO, 16 Nov. - Cerveza LA SAGRA, a Spanish craft brewery, has seen a 38% increase in sales volume in the past year, despite a stagnant market. This growth is seen as a testament to the brand's commitment to producing high-quality beer, according to Carlos García, the company's CEO and founder.

In an interview with Europa Press, García expressed his ambition to not only become the preferred beer brand among locals in Toledo, but also expand into new markets. He acknowledged that Spain is a country with a high beer consumption, but believes it's important to consider factors such as tourism and the country's hot climate when analyzing consumption data.

García noted that while other European countries like Belgium and Germany may have a stronger beer culture, Spain's preference leans towards "light and easy-to-drink" lager-style beers. However, he pointed out that larger breweries are now following the lead of smaller producers who have differentiated themselves through craft and specialty beer offerings.

This is where LA SAGRA found its beginnings, as a brand that wanted to introduce consumers to different beer styles beyond lagers. This trend has now been adopted by larger and more established breweries.

García emphasized that consumers in Spain are becoming more mature in their beer preferences and are leaning towards specialized options. With LA SAGRA's 38% growth in sales volume, the brewery believes that consumers are beginning to favor "more modern brands" and have evolved over the past decade, partially due to the efforts of smaller craft breweries.

However, García stated that beer is ultimately a product accessible to everyone and plays a significant role in Spanish culture and celebrations. He believes that beyond price, the emotional connection and the sense of community associated with beer consumption are important factors.

Overall, LA SAGRA's performance showcases the success of their strategy to offer high-quality, diverse beer options in a market that is beginning to appreciate and seek out unique products.



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